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  namaste - a warm and happy welcome to Chinmayi's website!

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If you have any interest in the many facets of yoga and meditation, shamanism, raising consciousness, improving your everyday life, your relationships with others and your planet, you will find heaps of information here to support you in your quest.

There are practices which you can try which are easy to integrate into your daily life and yet, with a little regular commitment, can change your life completely for the better AND permanently!

Why would you want to do that? What is the purpose of this yoga, meditation, shamanism thing anyway? The answer is very simple......

It's to be HAPPY! And why do we want to be happy? Because the secret to living a wonderful healthy and fulfilling life is to find your happiness. This website will give you hundreds of ideas on how you can integrate blissful happiness into your life. Start this today by signing up for our newsletter to get regular ideas updates and inspiration on ways to greater happiness and space bliss.

Chinmayi's teachings come from tradtions which she has studied and practised, researched and taught for over a decade. Whilst yoga and shamanism are both very separate traditional schools, Chinmayi has found some profound ways to combine them very effectively, yet in a safe, simple, joyful and harmonious way:-

- Shamanism gives Yoga a deeper connection with nature, with the spirits in all things, raising our consciousness to a much bigger picture of the world, not through our eyes but through our heart.

- Yoga gives Shamanism a way of taking care of the vessel, which is our body, and the influences of modern-day living on our minds so that we can be free to serve ourselves, our communities and our world from a position of strength AND sensitivity - physically, emotionally, morally, mentally and confidently.

The details and benefits with these practices are so vast that you may like to save this website in your bookmarks, especially if you are short of time right now. Chinmayi and others will be updating it frequently. Sign up for updates, it's FREE! We are not interested in abusing your details and we will never email you more regularly than monthly.

This is a new site and coming soon will be:-

Free meditations

Asana videos

Pranayama instructions recorded

Information on retreats, courses, training

Press releases, even a book (or two!)

And so much more!

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